Plant Care

We have slow release fertilizers like Osmocote©, and soil additives like aluminum sulfate, ironite, bone meal, and garden lime. We also carry Espoma© fertilizer products like Holly- Tone, Garden-Tone, Plant-Tone, Tree- Tone, and Rose-Tone. These are formulated for organic gardening. Looking for nature's best plant food and soil conditioner? Worm castings are the natural way to go! Miracle Gro© products like all-purpose plant food, and bloom booster are great for fertilizing your annuals.
  • Double Ground Hardwood
  • Shredded Pine Bark
  • Alabama Blonde
Potting Soil
  • Miracle Gro©
  • Miracle Gro© Moisture Control
  • Miracle Gro© Garden Soil
  • Pro Mix©
  • Organic Soil Conditioner
Landscape Fabric
We have three different sizes in stock: 3'x25', 3'x50', and 3'x100'. Typar© premium fabric is a great way to enjoy a weed-free landscape!